Luisa Masheder

My name is Luisa and I’m a friendly hairdresser with extensive experience in high-end salons throughout Melbourne I was trained at a boutique salon in North Melbourne where I became a fully qualified stylist, and from this intensive training I set a standard which is second to none. After years of salon experience I decided to step outside the box and take my skills to the next level. This is where my Mobile Hairdressing Lulu Mash starts,

At Lulu Mash I offer a mobile service to fit in with your everyday schedule while at the same time offering high industry standards with top quality products, colors and cuts. If you want a hairdresser who listens, cares and understands with exceptional services at affordable prices.


Call me on 0433 562 556 to book a free consultation.

 • CONFIRMATION HAIR DESIGN • At the moment hair up designs and all about soft texture, and I’m totally obsessed with it. Who’s loving this style❓ Perfect for any formal occasion❗️ . . . #confirmationhair #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash @connie.lagana  • THOSE TONES • From brassy to oh soo cool! don’t forget to check out the before shot  #tonedgoals #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash @s.kavallero  • THIS BLEND THOUGH • how gorgeous is this #softbalayage colour❓a great way to brighten up brunette hair. #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash  • HONEY BALAYAGE • who else is loving these warm tones as much as I am❓#balayagegoals #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash @ddicorrado  • THOSE BLONDE TONES • #blondehairgoals #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash  • WAVED BOB • A classic concave bob haircut with a modern textured wavey finish. Love giving my clients a look! #classichaircut #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash  • SUNKISSED ✨• @lauraluisa7 #livedinhighlights #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash
 • THESE 2 BEAUTIES • Loved styling hair for @connie.lagana and her daughter Sophie, how gorgeous is this shot❓ . . . #melbournehairstylist #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash  • FACE FRAMING HIGHLIGHTS • This face framing is everything! Who else is obsessed with this colour as much as I am❓ #hairgoals #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash @s.kavallero  • BRIDAL HAIR • getting married, and looking for a wedding hairstyle? Then look no further then @lulu_mash #hairbylulumash #melbournehairdresser #melbournehairstylist  • FACE FRAMING HIGHLIGHTS • #moneyshot #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash @gemmaludski  • client selfie love • don’t forget to tag me or #hairbylulumash in your selfies guys. I love seeing my clients rocking there new hairdo❗️like this beauty @lauraluisa7 #melbournehairdresser #clientselfie  • BRIDAL PONYTAIL • a beautiful shot captured of this stunning bride @chloeedwardsflorist who’s loving this ponytail? #bridalhair #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash  • BLONDE ✨• how gorgeous are these highlights❓ #livedinblonde #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash @lauraluisa7
 • MUMMY DAUGHTER TIME • Such a pleasure to glam these 2 over the weekend. @olitrim_83 . . . #curledhair #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash  • HAIR TRANSFORMATION • I love a hair challenge! With this colour there was a lot of artificial colour in the hair so I was limited to the level of lightness I was able to achieve. For the first attempt I was still able to achieve this stunning colour don’t you think? #newhairvibes #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash  • THOSE ICEY BLONDE TONES • #perfectblonde #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash @juliesicari  • BALAYAGE + BABYLIGHTS • I’m loving this #hairtransformation I did on @gemmaludski this balayage colour that was grown out and gone brassy! It now the perfect winter colour now. Who else is loving this❓#melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash  • COLOUR RE-FRESH • Who’s loving this❓ don’t forget to check out the before shot  #beforeandafter #melbournehairdresser #hairbylulumash  Ive seen this posted by various hairdressers, so I thought I’d have a bit of fun and create my own. And it’s soo true. The importance of lighting. Does this look like 7 different hair colours? Nope! Same hair, same day, different light. No filters and no edits. Something to think about when deciding on a hair colour. I think natural light is always best! What do you think❓#melbournehairdresser #melbournehairstylist #hairbylulumash




Phone: 0433 562 556


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